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Presenting using Zoom

Welcome, presenters! We have created this page to provide a few tips for using Zoom.
Please review the page below, and if you have any questions or concerns, contact [email protected].

Audio and video

To turn on your microphone and webcam, select the audio and video icons located on the far left of the Zoom toolbar

When audio and video are turn ON, the icons will appear as shown below:

When audio and video are turned OFF, the icons will appear with a red slash, as shown below:

Sharing Screen

To share a screen, select the “share screen” icon from the middle of the Zoom toolbar

A pop-up window will appear allowing you to select which screen to share.
The selected screen will appear highlighted blue, as shown below.

If you are sharing a video, select the “share sound” and “optimize for video clip” options located at the bottom of the window prior to sharing.

Select the “Share” button in the bottom right corner to share your screen.

To stop sharing your screen, select the “Stop Share” button from the toolbar.


  • If you are interested in running a poll during your session, provide the poll questions and answer options to [email protected].
  • For each poll question submitted, indicate if you would like participants to be able to select multiple answers, or only a single answer.
  • CHIMA producers will start your poll(s) during the session and share the results with attendees.


  • Attendees are able to submit questions throughout the session.
  • The CHIMA producers will be queuing questions for the moderator to ask speakers during the Q&A portion of the session.


  • Chat will be available for participants, and will be monitored by CHIMA producers.
  • Relevant links can be sent to participants in the chat, please send any links to [email protected]. During the session, CHIMA producers will place these links into the chat for participants to access.


To view the participants’ list, select “Participants” from the Zoom toolbar

A window will appear that lists all attendees and panellists.
There are separate tabs to showcase attendees and panellists.