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Presenting using GoToWebinar

Welcome, presenters!

During the live keynotes and live fireside chats, the CHIMA team will be responsible for:

  1. Getting attendees ready to ask you questions or provide input (Betsy/Andrew)
  2. Assisting with the polls and audio/video (IT support)
  3. Sending out chat messages to all attendees (Kate)

We have created this page to provide a few tips when using GoToWebinar.

IMPORTANT: Leaving GoToWebinar broadcast

  • When leaving the broadcast please do not click ‘End Webinar’ or it will end the session for all attendees
  • Click ‘Leave Webinar’ instead
  • The CHIMA support team will begin and end the webinar

Question & answer period

In the ‘Attendees’ list, you have the option to unmute someone to ask a question or assist with an answer.

Once an attendee is done speaking, they can be muted again.

Sharing videos

GoToWebinar does now allow audio to play from a shared screen environment.

Presenters must request that their MP4 video is uploaded into GoToWebinar prior to their keynote or fireside chat.

To play a video that has been uploaded:
1. Select the screen dropdown arrow
2. Select your video under ‘Uploaded videos’
3. Select ‘Show’ (triangle icon) for the audio/video to play

4. When complete, click ‘Stop showing video’

5. Re-share your screen to return to your presentation


  • Polls must be created in the GTW dashboard by CHIMA’s support team (before or even during the event if you want to increase engagement)
  • A poll can be launched with a timer to let you know how long it has been shown
  • You can close the poll at any time, or wait for the 60-second period to end
  • Poll results can be shared by clicking share, and then clicking hide


If an attendee has a question/comment they can submit them through the ‘Question’ window

All panelists and organizers will be able to see these questions.

IMPORTANT: You can reply back to the attendee privately, or to all users. Please be sure to select the correct option.


The ‘Chat’ window is designed to send mass messages out to all attendees.

It can also be used to communicate with other organizers or panelists.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure you select the right user you would like to chat with.