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October 19 @ 2:30pm ET Virtual

v2022 changes: ICD-10-CA/CCI, coding standards, education, and more

Speakers: Renata Iannucci, CHIM & Jennifer Warrington, MHSc, CHIM, CHE

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In this presentation, attendees will learn about version 2022 changes to the classifications, education, and coding standards, and how they evolved.

Changes are made to the ICD-10-CA and CCI classifications to address changes in clinical practices, to maintain clinical and policy currency, to support user requirements including coding and reporting, and to respond to client requests.

Typically every three years changes to the ICD-10-CA and CCI classifications are made; however, version 2022 was extended from April 2021 to April 2022 due to the pandemic. A variety of changes to the classifications were made in version 2022 to reflect these needs.

There is a public submission process to request changes to the classifications. These requests are weighed against criteria and relevancy, and the clinical accuracy is confirmed. During the development process, clients are kept abreast of the status of their request for change through a publicly available status report.

In response to client input and feedback, several changes were made to education products in version 2022. This presentation will walk through the changes, some of which include connecting education products to the Coding Standards in one source document; and redeveloping version-year education by replacing the previous What’s New web conference and Moving Forward PDF with a new learning bundle called Destination 2022 and a handy checklist.


Renata Iannucci, CHIM

Program Lead, Classifications and Terminologies
Canadian Institute for Health Information


Jennifer Warrington, MHSc, CHIM, CHE

Community facilitator
Canadian Health Information Management Association
Canadian College of Health Information Management

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