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October 18 @ 2:30pm ET Virtual

The road to ICD-11: 2022 update

Speakers: Janice MacNeil, CHIM & Jennifer Warrington, MHSc, CHIM, CHE

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ICD-11 was adopted at the 72nd annual World Health Assembly in May 2019 and had replaced ICD-10 as the international standard effective January 1, 2022. Member states will migrate to ICD-11 at their own pace and according to their needs and resources. Canada, like many countries, has a sophisticated national health informatics ecosystem encompassing clinical information standards, national and local information flows and a variety of enterprise information systems. Because of this, the road to implementing ICD-11 for health system use will be complex.

As part of the impact assessment, Canada will need to consider the effects on productivity and staffing, costs, coding accuracy, and mapping between ICD versions and surveillance to move toward an internationally consistent output while still meeting Canadian health data needs.

When Canada will implement ICD-11 has yet to be decided, but to support the decision-making process of transitioning from the national modification of ICD-10, ICD-10-CA, CIHI has embarked on a series of implementation planning activities.

This session will highlight CIHI’s activities in moving forward on the road to ICD-11 over the past year, analyzing and identifying potential gaps and opportunities that can be used to support transition in Canada. Along with sharing opportunities for health information professionals to become involved.


Janice MacNeil, CHIM

Program Lead, Classifications and Terminologies
Canadian Institute for Health Information


Jennifer Warrington, MHSc, CHIM, CHE

Community facilitator
Canadian Health Information Management Association
Canadian College of Health Information Management

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