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October 17 @ 1:00pm ET Virtual

Strengthening HIM team capacity with AI

Speakers: Siuwin Wang, CHE, MHSc, CHIM, & Jake Harmina & Nicola Sahar, MD & Tiffany Reeves, MHL, RHIA & Jennifer Warrington, MHSc, CHIM, CHE

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What is the new role of health information management (HIM) in the digital health era? As data volume and complexity increase, staffing shortages rise, and analytics demands grow, HIM professionals are increasingly being asked to do more with less. This emphasizes the need to identify new opportunities to boost efficiency. This session will help examine how artificial intelligence (AI) technology can support the increased capacity of coders and auditors and enable professionals to focus on more purposeful, high-value work.

Learning goals:
1. Review the digital transformation process Canadian hospitals are undergoing
2. Assess the new role of HIM in the digital health era, including key challenges and role improvements
3. Explore what AI is and how technology is being introduced in Canadian HIM departments across registration, coding, and privacy
4. Evaluate how AI will benefit HIM professionals’ capacity, especially coders’ and auditors’


Siuwin Wang, CHE, MHSc, CHIM

Director, Business Analytics & HIM
Orillia Soldiers Memorial Hospital

Jake Harmina

Director, Health Information Services and Privacy 
Humber River Hospital

Tiffany Reeves, MHL, RHIA

Audit Lead
Semantic Health


Nicola Sahar, MD

Semantic Health


Jennifer Warrington, MHSc, CHIM, CHE

Community facilitator
Canadian Health Information Management Association
Canadian College of Health Information Management

Event recording disclaimer:

Some sessions are not added to our learning management system due to technical issues, quality, and format. To get the full experience, please attend live. Presentation decks are distributed at a speaker’s discretion.