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October 4 @ 2:30pm Virtual

Leadership in health care: Certified Health Executive (CHE) designation

Speakers: Stéphane Joannette, Manager of Professional Certifications and Strategic Alliances, Canadian College of Health Leaders & Dr. Jaason Geerts, Ph.D., Director of Research and Leadership Development, Canadian College of Health Leaders and LEADS Canada

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The Canadian College of Health Leadership (CCHL) is pleased to present key learnings from a year of research on leadership during a crisis and next steps. You will also hear about the Certified Health Executive (CHE) program and designation. A graduate from this program will share their experiences and communicate what evaluators look for when reviewing the program’s requirements.

This session will end with an overview of the benefits of a CCHL membership, details of a new partnership with CHIMA, and a question & answer period for attendees.

Stéphane Joannette

Stéphane Joannette is the manager of professional certifications and strategic alliances at the Canadian College of Health Leaders (CCHL). Since beginning work at the CCHL began in 2018, Stéphane has contributed to major projects such as overhauling the CCHL’s Certified Health Executive (CHE) program and fellowship programs resulting in registration and completion records. During this time, Stéphane has also been responsible for an increase of strategic alliance partnerships.

Dr. Jaason Geerts, Ph.D.

Dr. Jaason Geerts is the director of research and leadership development at the Canadian College of Health Leaders and LEADS Canada. Jaason completed his Ph.D. at the University of Cambridge on leadership for senior doctors, military officers, and other professionals. He is an honorary visiting fellow at the London Business School, University of London (UK) and is an active researcher. His recent publications on leadership and leadership development have been featured in peer-reviewed journals and he is currently writing a book with Dr. Amanda Goodall on the topic of expert leadership.

Jaason’s current research on leadership during the pandemic has been featured in the Globe and Mail, Hospital News, local radio, and CBC national news, as well as globally through the International Hospital Federation and the British Medical Journal.

Jaason has served as an expert advisor to the Yale School of Medicine, the University of Zurich Business School, the National Health Service in the UK, and the UK Defence Academy. He is currently a leadership instructor and program director at the Schulich School of Business in executive education and the Telfer Business School.

Jaason is also a qualified teacher and was nominated for the Toronto Star’s Teacher of the Year Award.