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October 6 @ 2:30pm Virtual

How to apply data governance standards in your organization

Speakers: Matt MacNeil, Director of Standards and Technology, CIO Strategy Council

Understanding the key aspects of data governance and even where to start can be a daunting task for any professional. Recently, standards in the space are being published (and in development) to offer organizations guidance and frameworks to assist in meeting their data governance goals. This session will examine the current standards landscape and offer guidance on how to interpret, implement, and apply these standards and frameworks in your organization.

Matt MacNeil

Matt MacNeil is the director of standards and technology at the CIO Strategy Council (CIOSC), a standards development organization accredited by the Standards Council of Canada. He oversees the standards and specification development process, manages CIOSC’s accreditation, and oversees its research and innovation projects.

MacNeil has over 20 years of experience in the standards, certification, and management consulting space with a focus on risk, cyber/information security, privacy, information technology and business continuity. Throughout his career, he has worked for such firms as British Standards Institute, MNP, Intertek, and Oracle.