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October 20 @ 1:00pm ET Virtual

Bedside to boardroom: Four dashboards enabling Hamilton Health Sciences

Speakers: Kevin Richards & Jessica Lella & Betsy Nejat, BA (Hons), CAE

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Data is an extremely powerful currency in delivering better care outcomes, operational intelligence, and transparency. Join this session to hear from data leaders at Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) on how priority use cases drove their business intelligence initiative that their C-suite and board reference daily. We will review the journey HHS took from data aggregation, democratization, and delivery of key dashboards to deliver powerful transparency. Senior solutions engineer at Tableau will discuss best practices on how health care provider organizations enable clinicians, staff and leadership through actionable—use case drive insights—derived from data.

The pandemic accelerated the appetite to be more data-driven, this coupled with rapidly expanding data sources means analytics and intelligence teams have great opportunities to deliver value across the care continuum. During this presentation we will review:

1. A journey from siloed and limited reporting to cross-functional unified data architecture at HHS
2. Approaches to data democratization to enable self-serve data exploration and consumption
3. Best practices for creating dashboards that deliver intelligence to care delivery personnel and executives alike
4. Dashboards that enable priority use cases across provider organizations:
– Hospital-acquired pressure injuries
– 30-day mortality rate following major surgeries
– Hospital-acquired sepsis reporting
– Lost time due to injuries

We hope you can join this session to learn how you can take priority use cases at your organization and deliver insights, visibility, and actionable strategies through analytics.


Kevin Richards

Manager Analytics & Business Solutions
Hamilton Health Sciences

Jessica Lella

Principal Solutions Engineer 


Betsy Nejat, BA (Hons), CAE

Senior Director, Partnerships and External Relations
Canadian Health Information Management Association
Canadian College of Health Information Management

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