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Type: Recorded education session

October 5

4:00pm 2 CPE credits

Strengthening organizational capacity for health information systems implementation (0094)

Speakers: Ramona Kyabaggu, MSc, CHIM & Uche Chukwuka Ikenyei

A two-part presentation on models of health information systems implementation and implications for practice.

4:00pm 0.5 CPE credit

Addressing the global refugee crisis through health information (0103)

Speakers: Danial Betres, BASc & Jon Dhanapala, BASc

A discussion on the global refugee crisis, the health care challenges in displacement and refugee camps, and how health information technology can play a vital role in improving the quality of care.

October 6

4:00pm 1 CPE credit

TECHNATION’s health privacy and security framework for Canadian health care (0098)

Speakers: Susan Anderson, BSsc, CPHIMS, CPHIMS-CA & Elaine Huesing

As Canada’s national information and communications technology (ICT) business association, TECHNATION champions the development of a robust and sustainable digital economy in Canada. TECHNATION and its advocacy committee are excited to share their health division’s Privacy and Security Framework v. 3.0. This framework provides…

4:00pm 0.5 CPE credit

Designing peak performance (0096)

Speakers: Omer Aziz, CHRL, PENG

Omer combines design thinking principles and research, in the state of peak performance, to help create environments that are conducive to flow.

4:00pm 0.5 CPE credit

The AWS cloud in health care (0100)

Speakers: Dr. Shez Partovi, MD & Alex Reidiboim, CISSP, AWS-Certified Solution Architect

Dr. Shez Partovi discusses predicating health events, the consumer health journey, precision health, and the COVID-19 initiatives that are leveraging the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.

October 7

4:00pm 0.5 CPE credit

Using tablets & EMR tools to enhance treatment and standardize health information collection in primary care (0101)

Speakers: Dr. Mohamed Alarakhia, BSc(Hons), MD, CCFP, MSc & Tara Lonergan, CHIM, PROSCI & Lynn Cave, CHIM, PMP

This is a two-part presentation. The first part delves into using tablets to enhance mental health treatment. The second part focuses on using EMR tools to manage depression and anxiety and standardize COVID-19 screening.

October 8

4:00pm 1 CPE credit

The uncounted: A global health perspective on data (0095)

Speakers: Dr. Rohit Ramchandani, DrPH, MPH, BSc

In this talk, Dr. Ramchandani will address some of the key challenges and innovations related to the role of data in global health, with a focus on low- and middle-income countries.

4:00pm 1 CPE credit

Cyber security and artificial intelligence in health care (0099)

Speaker: Eric Cornelius

This presentation will provide an overview of the current cyber security challenges in health care and how artificial intelligence can help ensure health care data remains private and protected in a hyper-connected world.

October 9

4:00pm 0.5 CPE credit

Advancing information governance in Northern Health (0102)

Speakers: Kait Greer, MI, CHIM & Andrea Lorette, CHIM

A story of a northern rural health region’s information governance approach.

4:00pm 1 CPE credit

Clinical documentation improvement: Impact and importance for your hospital (0097)

Speakers: Kim Myrick, R.N., CCDIS

An overview of clinical documentation improvement (CDI), including why it’s so important and what makes a successful CDI program.