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Role: 1 CPE credit

October 17

11:30am ET Virtual & public

Plan 2028: Beyond the Data — Introducing CHIMA and the College’s new strategic plan

Speakers: Patricia Visosky, MSc, Ph.D., CHIM & Jennifer Bennett, MBA, CHIM & Susan Anderson, CPHIMS, CPHIMS-CA, BSc & Matthew Aubie & Jeff Nesbitt, BA, MBA, ICD.D

Be among the first to hear about Plan 2028: Beyond the Data, the new five-year strategic plan for CHIMA and the Canadian College of Health Information Management.

1:00pm ET Virtual

Strengthening HIM team capacity with AI

Speakers: Siuwin Wang, CHE, MHSc, CHIM, & Jake Harmina & Nicola Sahar, MD & Tiffany Reeves, MHL, RHIA & Jennifer Warrington, MHSc, CHIM, CHE

What is the new role of health information management in the digital health era? Learn how artificial intelligence (AI) technology can support the increased capacity of coders and auditors and enable more high-value work.

2:30pm ET Virtual

Collaborating to advance connected care in Canada

Speakers: Dr. Rashaad Bhyat, MB BCh BAO, BSc, CCFP, MPLc & Abhi Kalra, MBA, PMP, ITIL & Darek Szadkowski, MBA & Cassie Frazer, MHSc.HA, BSc., CPHIMS-CA & Betsy Nejat, BA (Hons), CAE

The availability of patient health information is essential to the delivery of safe, effective health care, and without it, there is an increased burden on patients, clinicians, and the health system.

October 18

11:30am ET Virtual

Data literacy: How we work with data

Speakers: Siuwin Wang, CHE, MHSc, CHIM & Betsy Nejat, BA (Hons), CAE

In this session, Siuwin Wang, CHE, MHSc, CHIM, a director of business analytics and health information management, supplies a framework to assist us in working with data better. 

1:00pm ET Virtual

Cybersecurity trends in Canadian health care

Speakers: John Weigelt & Peter Jones & Betsy Nejat, BA (Hons), CAE

Join Microsoft as we explore the latest trends, case studies, and best practices in protecting sensitive health data in Canadian health care with cloud technology and innovation.

2:30pm ET Virtual

The road to ICD-11: 2022 update

Speakers: Janice MacNeil, CHIM & Jennifer Warrington, MHSc, CHIM, CHE

This session will highlight some of the activities the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) is undertaking as part of its preliminary preparations for the implementation of ICD-11 in Canada.

October 19

11:30am ET Virtual

Bringing credibility and visibility to professionals in registration roles

Speakers: Jennifer Bennett, MBA, CHIM & Jeff Nesbitt, BA, MBA, ICD.D & Alisha Peto, CHIM, CCDIS & Jennifer Warrington, MHSc, CHIM, CHE

Professionals in registration roles across the country play a critical role in the health information lifecycle.

1:00pm ET Virtual

A registration department’s role in data quality

Speakers: Connie Fleese, BHA, CHIM & Melissa Peck, BComm, MHS & Lee-Ann Carr, CHIM & Mieke De Roover, BA, BEd, CHIM & Jennifer Warrington, MHSc, CHIM, CHE

Listen to a panel of subject matter experts speak to the registration department’s role in ensuring high-quality data.

2:30pm ET Virtual

v2022 changes: ICD-10-CA/CCI, coding standards, education, and more

Speakers: Renata Iannucci, CHIM & Jennifer Warrington, MHSc, CHIM, CHE

This session will highlight some of the changes that took place in version 2022 in ICD-10-CA and CCI, Canadian Coding Standards and Education.

October 20

11:30am ET Virtual

Data standards for enhanced patient matching

Speakers: Julie Pursley, MSHI, RHIA, CHDA, FAHIMA & Betsy Nejat, BA (Hons), CAE

Attendees will hear about how new and emerging data standards can enhance patient matching.

1:00pm ET Virtual

Bedside to boardroom: Four dashboards enabling Hamilton Health Sciences

Speakers: Kevin Richards & Jessica Lella & Betsy Nejat, BA (Hons), CAE

Hamilton Health Sciences & Tableau data leaders will review what it means to deliver transparency and operational insights to staff, clinicians, and senior leadership through four key provider use cases.

2:30pm ET Virtual

Getting health information professionals to the table

Speakers: Kathleen Addison, CHIM & Debi Senger, CHIM & Mary Thorne, CAPM & Jennifer Warrington, MHSc, CHIM, CHE

What does it mean to be invited to the table? For those working with health information, this can mean being asked to participate in planning committees, contribute to projects, or be consulted on matters that impact decision-making at all workplace levels.

October 21

11:30am ET Virtual

More than a buzzword: Information governance is what we do!

Speakers: Erin Head, MBA, RHIA, CHDA, CCS, CHTS-TR & Betsy Nejat, BA (Hons), CAE

In this session, we will explore the best practices health care organizations can embrace to implement or improve information governance (IG) practices across all information-rich areas.

1:00pm ET Virtual

Evolving standards, elevating coding — Explore the profession’s modernized academic standards

Speakers: Pat Visosky, MSc, Ph.D., CHIM & Jeff Nesbitt, BA, MBA, ICD.D & Alisha Peto, CHIM, CCDIS, &Francis Lau, BSc, MSc, MBA, Ph.D, CTSS & Jennifer Warrington, MHSc, CHIM, CHE

Join us as we unpack the evolution of the Learning Outcomes for Health Information Management (LOHIM) and transition to Health Information Fundamentals Curricular Standards.

2:30pm ET Virtual

Making connections to advance your career

Join us for an interactive networking session to help you make connections that could advance your career.