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Role: 1 CPE credit

October 16

11:30am ET Virtual

The human impact in health information

Speakers: Jeff Nesbitt, BA, MBA, ICD.D, Helen Beaumont, BMgt

Exploring the advancement of the health information profession in Canada

1:00pm ET Virtual

Laying the groundwork for semi-automated coding: Mapping SNOMED CT

Speakers: Alana Lane, CHIM, CTSS, Betsy Nejat, BA(Hons), CAE

CIHI have developed maps from SNOMED CT to ICD-10-CA and ICD-9 to support use in the electronic health/medical record systems to facilitate re-use of point of care data captured by physicians.

2:30pm ET Virtual

Path to connected care: The state of interoperability in Canada and the case for change

Speakers: Simon Hagens, BSc MBA, and Betsy Nejat, BA(Hons), CAE

Over the last twenty years, different aspects of healthcare has gone digital, however, health data is insufficiently standardized or shared electronically. This leads to gaps in quality and efficiency in the direct delivery of care, and limits our ability to effectively manage and innovate within…

October 17

11:30am ET Virtual

Using your certification to your advantage and advocating for yourself

Speakers: Brenda Catchpole, BA, MHA, Anna Shule, CHIM, Michael McGill, CHIM, Andrew Quayle, BA (hons), CHIM

Your work has the potential to improve health care decisions; learn how to get it the attention it deserves.

1:00pm ET Virtual

What does best-in-class look like for a health data system in Canada? How advocacy, diversity and health data literacy can lead to impact and momentum. 

Speakers: Alies Maybee, Simon Hagens, BSc, MBA, Robyn Saccon, CHE, Dr. Ryan Wiley, Dvorah Richler, Betsy Nejat, BA(Hons), CAE

Sponsored by: Policy Modernization Group (PMG) This session will involve a panel discussion with several members of the Policy Modernization Group (PMG), representing patients, industry, the public sector and the scientific community.

2:30pm ET Virtual

The key challenges and threats to health care data security

Speakers: James Hanson, Betsy Nejat, BA(Hons), CAE

This session will discuss: the Key challenges and threats to healthcare data security, how to implement a comprehensive data security strategy, and how to use technology to protect your data

October 18

11:30am ET Virtual

The impacts of AI

Speakers: Siuwin Wang, MHSc, BHA, CHIM, CHE, and Helen Beaumont, BMgt

Siuwin will provide an overview of Artificial Intelligence (AI), with a focus on the impacts of AI on the Health Information Management profession. Discussion will be centred around observing current technology and identifying trends that may shape the future. 

2:30pm ET Virtual

EHR Implementation Impacts on Health Information Services & Functions

Speakers: Andrea Lorette, CHIM, Caitlin Fletcher, BA, BSc, and Helen Beaumont, BMgt

A panel discussion sharing key learnings and advice from HIM leaders on impacts that an EHR implementation has on HIM services and functions captured in a newly published Canadian toolkit.

October 19

11:30am ET Virtual

Is the state of peak performance called ‘Flow’ good for your Health Span?

Speakers: Omer Aziz, MENG, CHRL, PENG, CHRL, Helen Beaumont, BMgt

In his book ‘Flow’, Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi writes that Flow illuminates the guidelines to meaning, purpose and joy. Over 50 years of research in the state of Flow confirms that the business case.

1:00pm ET Virtual

Managing conflict

Speakers: Gillian Kafka, JD, and Helen Beaumont, BMgt

How to manage health records conflicts such as: disputes with substitute decision-makers, responding to access and correction complaints, and fights about records after a patient’s death.

2:30pm ET Virtual

Presented by CIHI – ICD-11 implementation Update and Sepsis Strategies and Insights for Clinical Coding

Speakers: Brittany Adrian, CHIM, Renata Iannucci, CHIM, Betsy Nejat, BA(Hons), CAE

This two-part session will discuss ICD-11 implementation Update and Sepsis Strategies and Insights for Clinical Coding.

October 20

11:30am ET Virtual

Certifying and Empowering Those Working on the Front Lines of Health Information

Speakers: Melissa Peck, BComm, MHS, HICA, Caseita Dewar-Morgan, BHA-HIM, CHIM, Mary Thorne, HICA, CAPM, Chris Sulway, Betsy Nejat, BA(Hons), CAE, andHelen Beaumont, BMgt

Health Information-Certified Associates have a focused understanding of various practice areas.These include clinical knowledge, professionalism in health care, health care office management, health care technology, and health care systems.This designation brings visibility and credibility to those working at the first point of contact on…

1:00pm ET Virtual

Structural Racism in Healthcare: Black Patient Experiences and Anti-Racism Data Standards for Black Health 

Speakers: Ramona Kyabaggu, MSc, BHSc, CHIM, Dr. Shauna Davies, RN, BScN, MN,PhD, Samiya Abdi, Helen Beaumont, BMgt

In this session, we will examine Black health and the production of knowledge about Black health in Canada, through the lens of critical race theory in health.