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An introduction to HIP Week Live 2020

Session access

I am signing into for the first time. What do I do?

  1. Empty your browser’s cache
  2. Refresh
  3. Click on the green ‘reset your password’ button on the home page
  4. Check for an email from CHIMA (it could end up in your junk folder)
  5. Choose a NEW secure password
  6. Sign in using your new details

Why are there two websites? and

The website for HIP Week ( houses all information specific to this 5-day event. It showcases the lineup of speakers, frequently asked questions, and schedule of sessions. It is to be used as a reference point to find out the CPE credit allotment per session as well.

CHIMA ( houses the portal that you can purchase your pass and view all of these sessions.

How do I access my CHIMA dashboard?

  1. Sign in to your CHIMA account ( using the button at the top right of the home page
  2. Your name should appear, an indicator that you are signed in
  3. Select the arrow beside your name and choose ‘My dashboard’

How do I access my HIP Week Live 2020 content?

Once you are signed into your dashboard at, scroll down and select ‘View’ to access the ‘My professional development’ area.

Search for 0070 An introduction to HIP Week Live 2020 in your course list.

How long after the event can I access the recordings in my dashboard?

HIP Week Live 2020 recordings will be available for at minimum one year after the event.

Can I give others access to the sessions in my dashboard?

HIP Week Live 2020 passes are not transferrable. As the dashboard contains personal information, we encourage members to keep their account usernames and passwords confidential and refrain from sharing them with others.

Can I watch the recordings at any time?

Yes, you can watch them at any time.

Can I share the recordings?

No. This content is provided to pass-holders only.

Purchasing tickets

I have a group of 5 or more staff members I would like to buy tickets for.  Who should I contact for this?

Please contact [email protected] who will be able to discuss the 20% off discount with you and next steps.

Will there be any free offerings for those of us who do not purchase a HIP Week Live pass?

Yes. All CHIMA members will have access to the recording that is uploaded from Matthew Aubie’s keynote presentation: Reigniting interest in health information. This session is worth 1 CPE credit.

CPE credits

I’m a professional member. Do I have to manually submit CPE activities for participating in this event?

All CPE credits will be automatically recorded by completing the associated course in the CHIMA dashboard under ‘My professional development’.

Did you attend the live event?

If you have already submitted 1 CPE credit manually, and continue to complete the courses, the duplicate credit will be deleted at the time of an audit with the Canadian College of Health Information Management.

How many CPE credits are the sessions worth?

CPE credits for HIP Week Live 2020 are determined based on the length of the session. Please refer to the schedule to see the number of CPE credits associated with each talk.

What category of the policy do HIP Week Live 2020 sessions fall under?

Category 1 as all took place during a virtual conference with educational portions of health information-related content.


Can I contact the speakers if I have questions after the session? 

Many speakers have provided their contact information at the end of their presentations. Alternatively, a feedback form is provided at the end of each course and if you request to get in touch with them, we will share your information appropriately.

Future events

Will you be hosting a live conference next year? What are the dates? 

The plans have not been finalized for the 2021 live conference. During this time of uncertainty, we are not sure if it will be in-person, virtual, or a hybrid of both.